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In this video we talk about why we decided to start a Low Carb Ketogenic Diet. We share our experiences, tips, tricks, and the benefits we have noticed since starting. This is a high-level overview of the Low Carb Ketogenic Diet. We will be expanding on this concept in future videos, so if you already knew all the info discussed here, be sure to lookout for future videos that go into more advanced topics!

Hey everyone! KetoConnect is a new resource for Keto Cooking and Lifestyle. We will be bringing you a couple videos each week teaching you how to make some of our favorite low carb dishes. We will also have a variety of other videos discussing the In’s and Out’s of living a Keto lifestyle and share our experiences with you. We would love your feedback, feel free to comment below.

Any suggestions for future content would also be greatly appreciated, thanks for watching!

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8 Replies to “Low Carb Ketogenic Diet Overview | Our Experiences and Tips!”

  1. I just found your channel and I'm currently binging my way through! I have a question I can't even Google because my rambling breaks the internet I guess lol! But can you explain to me how exactly the fat adaptation works in burning body fat? I understand when you take away the carbs and sugar your body eventually learns to burn fat instead, but I'm confused about why you need to maintain a high fat diet if you're wanting to burn body fat. It seems like at some point you'd need to cut back on fat intake to adequately use stored fat instead. Otherwise it seems you'd just stall out eventually with your body just burning off your fat intake instead of stored fat. I'm not sure that's exactly a question, but that's what I'd like to have explained to me lol! Love your videos and recipes! You guys are great!

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