baby steps with me ya’ll … baby steps

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35 Replies to “My Food Addiction and Starting Ketogenic Eating / Keto Diet | Gastric Bypass Rny Revision”

  1. Please don't be so harsh on yourself! Going Keto is a step by step process!!! I have learned to take going Keto meal by meal. If you flub up on a meal it's ok just be better for the next meal, it gets easier as you learn about it. Calorie counting is not as important right off the bat you are right! Keto is a personal journey each of us does it slightly different. We each need to learn how our own bodies needs to do Keto. I loved my sweet coffees but I now use Sucra Drops (sweetener) for my coffee 0 carbs and no after taste. It took me 6 weeks to curb my bad eating "habits" (food addiction!) stay strong Keto on!

  2. Shrimp is the best for low calorie and wild caught fish lived on that for 4 years. Luv your face-feel better-you know you can rock this. Stevia from Trader JOes. No Starbucks for me>they put chemicals in the items to make a brain change.

  3. Hi sweetie I know how you feel what when you have stress the carb monster will get you today was my first day and I messed up I ate a pop tart but so far it got better I ate some green olives for lunch so I'm just waiting to see how the day plays out and that's what you have to do you have to take it day by day hour by hour but you will make it you will and can do it I'll see you next time

  4. Oh-just to let you know-bacon is awesome on keto. I'm probably going to get someone commenting on this comment being like 'it's so unhealthy blah blah' no it's not-and I will tell you why. Ever since I replaced my breakfasts with two strips of bacon and two eggs with tomato on the side-I do not feel hungry at all. Period. I feel good throughout the morning-zero cravings, zero hunger. Bacon is your friend. Also bacon is great because you can buy the four pack at Costco of low sodium bacon for $14 CAD (I'm from Canada) and freeze the ones you're not using. That way it's always ready for you for breakfast for awhile. Anyways-that bacon looked AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  5. I know you can do this keto thing. I have confidence in you. You are beautiful inside and out. The bacon looks delicious but I could never stop at just 2. I'd eat the whole portion so I stay away from such deliciousness. I drool as I watch my hubby eating his. Your hubby is adorable and makes the bacon look even more spectacular. I love your beautiful, amazing, gorgeous face dear girl. Keep fighting!

  6. Hey at least you stopped eating the panda express after a few bites and threw it away. That in itself is hard to do. You got this! And tomorrow's a new day so you can start over and do the best you can.

  7. you got this. ive been looking up keto its just overwhelming im going to focus on the white stuff to get rid of im thinking of getting those vit big issue is Sugar ..grrrr….whole tweens is crazy I feel like I loose my mind when I'm around a friend's son. he thinks he is gang wanta be but..ummmm.. no.. hell who needs sec when you can have a bacon organism lol

  8. I have tried to find you on facebook, but am not finding you. I may just have to reach out to your email address, if I can get back to the page with your info. I'm an older woman and not very technical savy. Lol

  9. no one has ever touched me, or gotten through like you. maybe because your so real, and you get it! you get the disease and the struggle and u bring a tear to my eye. i want the same dream to come true and im starting. tiny, fairy steps but i have started.

  10. hey there cheeky chops!! (yes thats a nice comment in australia lol) i have messaged u back on facebook and i 'think' i have fixed the issue but i think your settings might be on private not sure. but, im hanging in with you cos i need you. yep, there it is, out there, up front, a stranger needs your help. but i also want to support and encourage you too. i appreciate you and your realness and that your understanding and not pushy. xx

  11. I think it is going to take a little bit for you to teach your mind who is boss …. but I believe in you
    I am willing to listen to you vent and scream as much as needed for you to believe you can do this
    I am so proud of you

  12. oh sweetie, hope your feeling better soon. that a girl for dr'ing your coffee and making your tastes fit to your new keto life. this is your path and you will hit your goal just don't forget to enjoy the scenery along the way. much love to you. you got this! I believe in you and your amazing spirit♡

  13. I seen your videos on the bacon the other day that looked so yummy! Keep up the great work & again keep us updated on the pills if they work for you. I'd particularly like to know myself. I am a sugar addict..

  14. The carbs in Splenda "spoonable" are from fillers they add so that it measures the same as sugar. Try and find liquid Splenda – much more carb friendly.

  15. You can do this beautiful girl and you are doing what you can how you can and for you and your health and I am so very proud of you and that bacon and the look on his face tells the story right there I want some hahaha love ya face gorgeous xox

  16. BTW, as you said, you can do this, and I know you can. As you also said, you know, it will happen, even if it takes a little longer, it will come, you will reach every goal you reach for. I truly do not doubt this, just from "knowing" you as much as I can from this side, sharing some of your ups and downs, I do not doubt you will reach your goals. I hope you feel better soon, and God bless you, it's a hard row to hoe, I know.

  17. Remember when you eat Keto, you SUBTRACT the grams of FIBER (from fruit/veggies). You don't want to go over 20 carbs a day. You want moderate protein, and even though it's supposed to be high fat, you have to realize you can out eat that. Start with like 1Tablespoon coconut oil/ butter/ etc. I don't expect you to be perfect. You are the one who said in your last couple videos of how much weight you need to lose in 2 mths when you meet up with your dr again. You might have an expectation to lose a lot of weight quickly on keto, but it is not a fast way to lose weight.

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