Please note: The calorie count provided at the end of the video is incorrect. MyFitnessPal gave me an inaccurate number. The correct number is 3,053 calories.


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  1. Great someone that thinks like me , I have" treats" of 86 % dark chocolate & a scoop ice cream.  Or once a month one favorite meal . Some call them "cheats " , but for me cheating is filling your face  LOL  I love my cashew nuts , they have 9 g. of carbs in 2 TB. & can add up fast . So I had to stop getting them- Too tempting 🙁  Been doing keto 2 years , been in maintenance . If I go over 30 g. of carbs a day  , the scale starts moving up !! Liked & subbed >3

  2. ehy conor , i'm going to try the ketogenic diet , but honestly i'm worried about not to get enough vitamins e minerals , has ever been a problem not to get them for you without fruit ? thanks .

  3. I loved this video! Best one I've seen in my 9 months starting this woe. I am with you on the Nuts. I have recently cut them out completely because I just didn't have control over the obsession. Thank you and I look forward to seeing more videos.

  4. hello conor, i really would enjoy to hear in a video your thoughs about being a vegan or a vegetarian, if you d like to go and resarch about it!! of course from a healthy and moral point of view , will it be one your topics ?

  5. I am on a low carb diet for two months now and already lost 10 kg. I work out a little bit and run every other day. My diet mirrors yours pretty close, I don't use coconut oil and I eat various sorts of cheeses, French and Dutch variaties. Not much but almost every day. What are your thoughts on Cheese?

  6. Hi I've been doing keto for one mom and I lost 8 pounds in the first eight days and I haven't lost anymore weight I weigh 180 now I been doing keto for one month I I don't know why my liver star hurt very little is that normal and I never happened before actually my friend do it keto to and he told me the same thing so he stop i keep doing that keto diet because I feel good

  7. Hi! If I am starting this diet, in order to be keto adapted, should I start eating at my maintance calories or in a moderate deficit? I want to lose fat! thanks! I hope you can help me dude peace!

  8. I'm just starting out on ketogenic eating, and have found your videos very helpful and informative. everybody says how good you will feel but nobody really explains why. thanks for breaking it down and sharing the process

  9. i find 85% just isn't as tasty as 70-75%. Every now and then, I'll buy a slab if it's on offer at Sainsbo's, but always regret the choice. I don't know how I manage…

  10. Hi Conor, what are the best vegetarian foods (besides oil) for breaking fast if you need something before your main meal? So they should be fatty and low carb, like eggs but what else could you suggest?

  11. Thanks for the video, Conor!Have you or have thought about having some blood work done? It would be interesting to see what your testosterone, blood glucose and other numbers are.

  12. you say your total calories = 3,263

    however, if carbs = 85g x 4 = 340 calories
    protein = 109g x 4 = 436 calories
    fat = 253g x 9 = 2,277 calories

    that's = 3,053 calories

    which is 210 calories under your total

    am i missing something?

  13. Thank you Connor! I am in my 3rd week eating keto and I have already lost 5.3 kilos 😀 I try not to eat over 1500 calories a day but it pretty much looks the same as to what you eat just less quantities (and I dont eat nuts).
    I mix in my "bulletproof" cappucino aa tablespoon of unsalted butter, a teaspoon of cocoa nibs I get in tesco (organics) a teaspoon of xylitol and a pinch of unsweetened cocoa powder, for the sweet tooth I have. Today I had an angus ribeyesteak and man was it good!! could you make a video on keto focused for women for weightloss, do you think it would interest your audience??

  14. Awesome. I can't believe how similar my own way of eating is. Intermittent fasting and keto help me to increase my lifespan, improve my cognition and build muscle while only eating one meal a day. Keep empowering!

  15. Nice video. But how do you manage to stay in ketosis with 85g of carbs a day? Even if you subtract the fiber content your net carbs are way above the upper limit uf 30 grams.

  16. could not wait to end the day and enjoy the video, it was my carrot to top off the day! i helped with a fund raising dinner & event for our local Civic center & just got home after one in the morning from washing dishes! I did not eat one thing from this event, but it sure smelled good, so many dishes 7 plus hours of cleaning! OK sleep time on my new bed!!! great video! 🙂 cheers

  17. Great video again Conor! One simple question: do you recommend drinking that much water? I mean, I have heard that drinking that much can actually be bad for you.
    What's your thoughts?

  18. You are so right with treats, if it's at home I eat it whatever my willpower ! Buy your treats and eat them all at once even if its's a lot. You better binge than graze !

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