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  1. You talking about "diabetes type 2" right? Is not that your liver dont produce insuline anymore, is that for some reason it doesnt goes to the glucose so the glucose is left wondering in the blood stream and that why the high levels of sugar in blood

  2. I am blown away by this lecture. You have a gift for new perspectives and the ability to communicate. "Oxygen is the first weapon of mass destruction." Wow…that is so accurate."

  3. WOW Man this is soooo awesome!! I learned a lot more in this three videos than I learned in years of nutrition information. Now I know why all this raw vegans and vegans eat sooo much but still stay lean and have energy because they work out so much that their balance it with their adrenalin. Definitly keeps me away now from high carb low fat diets.

    Precious information! Thanks man, you rock!

  4. Diets are based on goals, energy expenditure, and what is best for the individual. Eating vegetables should be a base of any diet. This video is a great rehearsal of my advance nutrition class. Based on our typical American diet, this diet along with Atkins, paleo helps with weight loss because it helps reduce the amount of carbs being burned by reducing the RER. Burning carbs can inhibit fat oxidation preventing from getting fully metabolized in the electron transport chain to make atp and water. Our bodies can become very efficient at removing toxicity in the blood from anaerobic work. Fat burns slower than carbs. Plus, we even get a slight insulin response from drinking water. The issue becomes muscle glycogen storage piles. 

  5. Also the amount of mitochondria is based on a per cel basis. Muscle cells and liver cells have I the most. But its only natural that muscles have lots of them, otherwise burning the glucose would be a slow chore.

    Also certain athletes train to have muscles that are very good at glycolysis (burning glucose without oxygen) .

    TO say that glycolysis is more negative is a bit incorrect.  Of course I agree that is bad business if non muscles tissue starts to work anaerobically.

  6. Interesting video, especially the part about evolution, but a key problem in his presentation is that protein gives the same insulin response as carbohydrates. And that is why what determention if you either gain, mentain or loose weight is the amount fo calories you take in versus the amount of calories you burn. A diet like the ketogenic diet is just a way of reaching your goal, and can be beneficial to certain persons.

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