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  1. don't feel too bad my son swung his bedroom door open little harder before he could catch it the knob went through the wall. wasn't impressed but I knew it was an accident. oh my mom was asking me about Keto and who i watch to help keep me motivated..I showed her your videos..she thinks your hilarious..she watched a bunch of your videos with me yesterday lol

  2. Yeah, ego-trippy professors suck the big one! Especially if you can't opt out of their class, but the good news is that you only have to deal with him for a semester. And for your wall – there is such a thing as "wall patch kit" (sold at any hardware store), if you need to fix it yourself, or just call your landlord – depending on what's your rental agreement situation.

  3. The drywall looks really thin where your hand went thru. I'm betting you popped open a patched area. Not uncommon for there to be those near outlets. They quite often cut into the drywall slightly off the mark when making the holes for the outlets. Pretty simple to fix. Hope that teacher you mentioned turns out better than your first impression of him was. You can handle it either way :)

  4. Have fun & finish your last semester strong!!! And if your major is BioChem, girl, your 5 and half years with study aboard aint nothing!! You are doing just fine. I've got bunch of friends with Bio Chem majors who graduated over 5-6 years even 7 years. Haha Keep rocking Kath!! I started doing keto recently and I am so glad I found your channel. It is so fun to watch your vblog day by day. Can't wait to see you overcome all your health problems already =) You are not alone! We are all in this together!

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