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27 Replies to “Can you BUILD MUSCLE on a KETOGENIC DIET? Myths and misconceptions of keto.”

  1. Hey man, I can't seem to find a clear answer to this anywhere. I'm hoping you can shed some light.
    Can I take BCAA's during a fasted state and still remain "fasted"? I am using the 12-8 eating window and my training tends to be mid morning. I feel satiated after drinking them and I do believe they help my workout performance, but I want to know if its negating the benefits of using IF. Thank you!

  2. im about 6 months in to keto, my main concern was loosing muscle while loosing weight . thats why i chose keto so far i have gotten alot stronger while losing weight. ive lost about 25kg so far , my macros are carbs 50 (max) 150g protein and the rest ist fat . going for 1500-1800 kcal a day

  3. Brazilian pushing 50 here, and doing all you teach. It is working wonders for me. I did a 30-day-water-only fasting detox between 2014 and 2015, took one year testing the best eating approach for me, and found your channel to be the best keto info source for me. Thanks for the great content, bro!

  4. There is also a mental emotional spiritual requirement to gain power, to overcome stronger, to evolve into a more powerful person mentally and physically. And for that people need to read books about gaining mental strength and an ability to welcome pain and suffering into their every day life

  5. We need a Dr. Atkins keto revolution as part of a global political revolution. Ketogenic doctors like Dr. Mercola, Dr. Eades etc. need to seize all governments of the world, and from a power possition, thru constitutional and law reforms ban bread, potatoes, cakes and install a ketogenic way of eating in the whole world. In order to prevent and/or cure cancer, diabetes, glaucoma, heart disease and many other diseases. I think that Arnold Shwarznegger and many other popular professional bodybuilders followed a sort of low-carb high-fat diet. I used to read in the muscle and fitness magazine, about the steaks and eggs that they ate. At that time I followed a high-carbohydrates, low-fat diet. I am glad that I found that the Dr. Atkins ketogenic diet is the right scientific correct way to get a good body like many celebrities and bodybuilders have

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