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24 Replies to “Cutting With Keto | I Have Something To Confess | Ep. 6”

  1. KETO is not a Diet Its a life style ..you stay on it for life your body will love you for ever..1 year on keto now ..lost 70 Lbs getting fit and lean Im floored and the results are awesome

  2. Hi, I just wanted to suggest you could look for Bryer's low carb ice cream. Its 4 carbs for 1/4c. also there is Sugar Bunnies sugar free ice cream bars 4c as well. They really help with ice cream cravings. Don't forget to subtract the sugar alcohols 😉 Oh and for seasonings you should try celery salt for the veggies, and some Old Bay seasoning for your chicken and fish. There is also a low carb yogurt that you can get. Its 4 carbs per 1/2c I think maybe 1/4th cup. Its hard to find it but your Kroger should carry it. Oh and get some pork rinds. If you put them in a blender and crumb them they can work as a breading for things like cheese sticks, fried chicken sub, and you can even make a really tasty pizza crust. Good luck!

  3. Why are you apologizing for being human? I have been taught to strive for excellence not perfection. Besides its better to lick your lips and move on than to stress about it.

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