Day 3 on the keto diet, showing you guys what my days meals are like. Not as bad as days 1 and 2 but definitely not feeling 100% normal yet lol.

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2 Replies to “Keto Diet|| Day 3 – Am i in ketosis yet?”

  1. Look up Dominic D'Agostino if you want some good solid keto information. If you do too much protein, your body will make sugar out of the protein called gluconeogenesis. Your lack of hunger tells me that you are in keto :D

  2. You can get some smackfat keto urine strips if you want to. They helped me in the beginning. I test my blood once every so often, but use the strips if I start feeling hungry- that is my sign that I am close to being out of keto. I just eat some good quality fats and then it gets me back into keto.

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