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21 Replies to “Keto Week 39 Update and Weigh In | Ketogenic Diet”

  1. Found your Keto Karma today. Congrats on your success so far.
    I am also on the keto journey, a 25 lb loss since June 2015 from 205 to 180 so far. Age 55 and 5'9".
    I am looking for ladies my age, since our health has been affected by long years of massive carb damage.

  2. Thanks for the spotlight Suzanne! Great to see that you're so close to onederland, you'll be there in no time. Sorry for the crappy photos they really don't show much progress. The tape measure is really showing the proof in the pudding (bad metaphor), I've lost 14" off the chest 12" off the belt and even 1 1/2" on my wrists.
    Keep up the great work!

  3. You're close to wonderland !!!! Keep up with the good job . I've a question , I been looking to buy "glucose monitor and strips " where do you recommend or do you've an website to buy it online ? I want to keep track of ketosis …….. This is week 12 …Today weigh in , I  lost  2.2 pounds , a total  of 34.4  .

  4. I have been watching a lot of people on low carb diets for years on YouTube and they are the same weight. You just let me know that if you are serious and stick to it the diet will work for itself. Onederland here Karma Come! !!

  5. I love that you are getting a little more in depth with it, i have been looking into blood and breath devices and pricing them out. while i am in this whole process of elimination with certain foods and trying to blindly find out what my body is doing after i eat certain foods. Im very interested in adapting as much i can while doing Lazy keto as much as possible and seeing how deep into ketosis i can get while not tracking macros. I would love to eliminate as many foods as i have to based of sugar spikes and what they do to my ketone levels. For now its not in my budget unfortunately, So its going to be nice to see you do it yourself then maybe i can learn a thing or two in the process until i myself can do it! Hopefully you will keep us updated either here or insta with your numbers!!
    Youre so close to onderland i know you can probably taste it!! Congrats!

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