2 Replies to “Ray Peat on the stress of ketogenic diets”

  1. There are many people who do true keto style diets and flourishing on them for many many years. Most people however on "Peat" inspired diets don't last because they gain too much weight, go sluggish, can't sleep, and start developing issues hand over fist, and become very reliant on supplements.

    You have to think, any lifestyle that becomes reliant on supplements and having to spend time under red light to activate the thyroid clearly is not a diet that is thyroid friendly.

    This is probably in part because people misinterpret what Peat endorses. He says people should not fear sugar and to get it from fruit, yet people interpret that as "ok I will drink lots of orange juice and milk now". Then wonder why they gain a ton of weight.

    Peat inspired diet is in fact Paleo, just a diet that focuses more on fruit, but is in effect, a paleo diet. A keto diet is a paleo diet as well, just does not focus on fruit, but focuses on fats.

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