I FORGOT WHATABURGER HOW COULD I FORGET, WHATABURGER IS AWESOME! However, Whataburger is not all over the US :((((

I hope you all enjoy this 10 day series! Please give this video a thumbs up if you enjoy it and let me know if there are any topics you want me to cover!

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  1. ugh I went to burger king and asked them to wrap their burger in lettuce for me and I thought they would lose their mind trying to figure it out. they ended up serving it salad style because they "only had the shredded lettuce"

  2. Yes a comparison video will be very helpful.. also I like how your so real and just be yourself.. can we agree bo needs a YouTube channel he's such a cute dog.. thanks for the videos you are also helping me in my keto journey to get fit

  3. A baconator add mayo w/no bun is my normal go to. I don't think you have Wawa in Texas but they have a chicken salad bowl. I get I with Jalapenos, pickles and Buffalo Sauce and it's 3 net carbs.

  4. Any ideas on fast food in Australia? Don't have much option here, no one but maccas does low carb options. Maccas does a lettuce wrap but some places do a really bad job and you end up just eating a bunch of lettuce.

  5. Thanks for this video. I eat a lot of bunless burgers from Whataburger when I am on the go. I also like going to Which Wich and getting a The Wicked Sandwich as a Bowlwich.

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