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16 Replies to “DAY 7 – How I food shop to remain strict Keto!”

  1. Stephanie: People have low will power to cook their own food. Cooking requires a lot of will. The will is one of the important things. Without a strong will to power, people won't be able to cook their own ketogenic food in order to lose weight

  2. You know what, good job. I'm glad you are endorsing chicken! At first i was loading on the beef, but when you load on the beef you also take up a majority of your fat intake. Chicken, for me, is a before bed snack. I grill them on my stove with butter and a touch of corn oil (i know bad bad oil to use, but vitamin E, and its all i have to work with at the moment). I generally get thighs as well because of the darker meat. Eh, with skin is kind of weird for me, skinless boneless all day! I season with a bit of thyme powder, black pepper, and sea salt. I'm using mediterranean sea salt right now, which sucks, but at the end of the day, i KNOW himalyan is the best, and i am working towards getting some. On the other hand, i do also eat potatoes. Prebiotic fiber can be obtained through potatoes, it just has a lot to do with the preparation. I use oil (hopefully one higher in those lovely mons)and i grill them until brown. YES, i get the processed ones that contain "dextrose" and preservatives, but hey, when i can afford better i can, and until then i will grill it in oil and butter.. Fruit makes me sick. Side note, we are all fructose intolerant. 😀 what a conspiracy

  3. I just started this Journey and i appreciate it Stephanie! I am learning a lot. lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks. For these ADAPT CHALLENGES VIDEOS can you organize it by keeping the videos seperate from the uploads in case i need to show a friend how to do it. make it easier if i ever need to backtrack to find info on a video. Your the only reason why i even looked into Keto, Thanks!

  4. I'm am So ready for your program. been doing keto for 3 months. have macros that I hardly exceed. I want to follow your plan and see what progresses. I check glucose everyday am and blood ketones every Sunday. love love love!

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