My 30-day experience of eating high-fat for the first time. What to expect when you go high-fat, and how to avoid bumps along the way. Transcript: || Get Fat Fueled: || Click “Show More” for resources.

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42 Replies to “First 30 Days Of Eating Keto”

  1. How do I know when I need to change the macros? I'm not fully adapted yet. I haven't felt the energy yet. However I feel very relaxed each day. I started keto this month early November. I do take anti psychotics for bipolar disorder and I'm diabetic. my blood sugars are very good since I started. Do I just need to give it more time?

  2. Great video. Very helpful and informative. I've been paleo for about 3.5 months and feel great having given up sugar, processed foods, grains, dairy, soy, legumes, etc… I've been having coffee each morning with brain octane oil and grass-fed butter — omg — love it! Then I have meat, fat and veggies for lunch and dinner. I try to snack on MCT oil. I think I might be keto but not really sure. I started tracking my food in MyFitnessPal so I can understand how many carbs, fat, protein, calories I'm eating each day. Is keto defined by the percentage of the high fat vs the low carb intake? If so, I'm almost there I'd say…probably just need to up my fat intake and low carbs and protein a little bit. Cheers, Susan

  3. Oh my goodness!! I was also a vegan and I was gaining weight like crazy and not feeling good, very low energy and depressed. I started eating meat around 4 months ago and cut out all the carbs I was eating (but not completely) and my energy was amazing almost instantly. Now here I am 3 weeks into keto and feeling amazing! My heart burn is gone, major energy and I just started my period and zero cramping or pain! Whooot!

  4. Hi, I bought your book and started doing Keto a few days ago. My question is, when do you know you are in ketosis? I don't think I got flu symptoms but I tell you what I have been sleeping like a rock. So much so after like 12 hours sleep I wake up and my eyes don't want to open. I have NEVER had that before. I've always slept well, but wow. I have energy just fine during the day as well, so I'm not tired when I wake up, full of energy, just my eyes refuse to open, it's almost like the muscle that does that move isn't awake yet. lol Is that my body going through the process? I just hope I am doing it right. Oh and lost 3kg already. :D

  5. I've tried intermittent fasting before but I actually haven't been able to lose that much weight while intermittent fasting. And I think it's because it screws up your leptin hormone. Does anyone know if there's been research done on this?

  6. you mentioned your bowel movements were awesome… did it take time to get there? I ask because it does not sound like keto has enough fiber and they say fiber makes a healthy gut.

  7. I have probably watched every single video of yours in the last month. Beginning in December i started a ketogenic style of nourishing myself. It lasted 17 days until i developed a horrible rash all over my back. I ended up fueling with carbs and noticed my rash would diminish drastically.. I want to try again to go back onto keto. Perhaps its the rapid detox and available omega 6's going back into my blood thats causing the reaction? i really have no idea.

    Any ways i love your videos and want to say i appreciate you for your efforts in informing the keto community. <3


    ps. i would love to see a video of how you currently eat. I understand that your practicing a certain way of investing carbs, perhaps a food filled video?

    anyways, your awesome.

  8. nothing bets the the feeling of ketosis ive experimented alot with cyclic ketogenic the biggest tip i can give you keep higher carbs for the end of the day keep fat for that day to 90g max keep protein to your normal levels. But as you said your body shifts back to fat very quickly the longer your on it. (Highly recommended you read the anabolic diet)

  9. hi! I really like your video. I Have kidney stones, I can follow the diet? my doctor say to me that this is not good for kidney stones 🙁 but I really dont know if this is true. I follow the diet for 5 days and I feel great, but im scared that this eating style make my kidney stones bigger.

  10. Great video! So happy to hear it has balanced your hormones and you feel great!

    I go to WW meetings, but eat in a lower carb way. I don't eat very low carb because I enjoy a little fruit and sweet potato. I'm usually at about 50-100 carbs a day. I feel great allowing healthy fats and a bit of fruit. I always keep it sugar free and gluten free. I love the way I feel!

  11. Interesting to hear your story, I have been eating high-fat for around 2 years now, butter, cheeses, egg yolks, nuts and olive oil, so my normal diet is rich in fats and low in sugar, some carbs in moderation.

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