After a couple of full day of eating videos, here is one on a full day of fasting instead!

If you have no experience with intermittent fasting (eg. 16 hours fasting, 8 hour eating window), then first try that before attempting longer (eg 24 hour) fasts.

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11 Replies to “Full day of fasting on KETO – Low Carb Ketogenic Diet”

  1. Good video. Thank you. I also like your other videos. In the last three weeks I have done two 24-hour fasts a week and you are correct, it is not very difficult if you are keto adapted. I did not try 2- or 3-day fast so far but plan to attempt in near future.

  2. I do this very day ….. I eat nothing for 23 hours ….. and get in a single meal all my macros and vitamins … out great for me …… I'm 3 months into this …… love it …. salu2

  3. What a beautiful smile she has, congrats.
    A 24hr fast is easy if you do 8/16 you just skip one more meal. Its a agood strategy to put yourselves back on track into keto, but once you get back using ketones again IF is unnecessary.

  4. I fast for 24 hours on those days that I work overnight. I have only been on a keto diet for about a month . I felt a bit of lightheadedness during the fast but I kept going by dinking some green tea and some warm water with salt. Still kind of feel that I'm not doing it right though. I've only been consuming less than 5 g carbs for the past month and I was expecting to lose more weight than I have. I think I may be eating too many eggs that may be turning into glucose from all of the protein. Do you have any suggestions as to what I can do to ensure I am in ketosis? Great video btw, thank you so much for the info. Also, I have been feeling sleepy right after a meal of 2 boiled eggs, 1 4 oz sauteed chickedn in kerry gold butter and 2 cups of spinach. What is causing this feeling?

  5. 24 hours seems very challenging… I've been doing 18-20 hours per day with two meals. I'm gonna try a 24 hour fast this week.. Great video, thank you.

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