A super market preview of foods that might cause a histamine reaction

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12 Replies to “Histamine intolerance food list for people w/ issues on the KETOGENIC DIET”

  1. i had a histamine reaction when i started fresh lemons .. i have had this before and forgot.. i also put lemon juice in my drinking water but i had stopped this practice about a year ago.. i thought this was a detox for my liver.. i eat most of the things she mentioned but since i stopped eating the lemons and putting them in my water i dont itch like that anymore…

  2. I thought u could have lemons & limes on Keto, I think I heard u say that on one of your other vids….so why can't u have lemons? I've seen your vidson what & what not to eat but is there a complete list somewhere?

  3. Hey Stephanie, great information in the video!
    Can blood Ketone levels be low after a workout, since your body may have used them to fuel your workout ? Just wondering about my latest Glucometer results post Gym.

  4. o Yes. Broccoli is the number 1 criminal for intolerances, that explains why so many people today are eating way TOOOO much broccoli and not enough meat and fat, Makes complete sense wow! >_>

  5. How do know you have a egg allergen I had eggs and just felt like shit it sucks almost everything is gmo and gmo make me sick that I feel so sick can't get out of bed sick live in long island we have local farmers but there prices are off the chain high 

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