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22 Replies to “I lost 7 pounds in 4 days! | Keto, Ketosis, Ketogenic diet, after Gastric Bypass, RNY, WLS”

  1. Hey! I found you because I am on a weight loss journey myself. But I stayed partly because of your sayings and dialect. As a non-english speaker I am thrilled to hear you talk. It's rare that I am exposed to anything else than LA, NY, midwestern or Boston dialects and accents. I love your channel and your attitude. Keep up the good work. You keep me motivated :)

  2. Woo Hoo! You are awesome! I left the longest comment the other day, and now I think you know more than I do about Keto already! Plus you told everyone how to learn all things keto (Pinterest/you tube/google & searches to do…)- You certainly beat my butt when I was on keto! I found it so friggin hard to figure out meals, omg. I will always care about how things are going with you but I am never going to worry, you are way too motivated and into finding out what you need and getting all the education/ideas to beat the band. As I said before, you are inspiring me, and I bet everyone else! I am well and truly totally impressed 🙂 ! I had good news today at my dr's appt- my husband takes me, my dr (female) is SO EXCITED I lost 20 more lbs in 3mths (may seem slow to some but I've come a long way, still have a lot more to go, will take me a long time). I weaned off insulin since Oct.-(was type 2 diabetic 25yrs!)-my tests all good, she said what I have done/am doing will extend my life by decades down the road… well I guess it was the best drs appt I've ever had. Hard row to hoe, but I'm working it, as you have been. You are so young and how the heck you always look pretty-I am cheering you on! As always, God Bless!

  3. I have watched you and few times now. I'm very proud of your progress. Keep up the good work. Are you getting indigestion and gas or cramps with your diet? If you are what do you do to feel better? Keep smiling and motivated. Have a great day.

  4. hey!!!!!
    rockin it!
    7lbs in 4 days. wow. who cares if it's water, fat, or you got a hair cut! Lol. the scale is moving in the right direction and your making changes one nibble at a time. I'm so happy for you.♡

  5. keto is fab. I'm so glAd you're so exited about it. You'll do great. Fyi, MCT oil can cause the runs so start slow. But its great for you. I have been doing keto for 9 months and it has changed my life

  6. Yay for Keto! My husband and I jumped on about a month ago, and Im down about 11-12 pounds. Still trying to find my groove but Im so excited ! Great job, you can do this! ❤ your face

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