Making keto-friendly pancakes is easier than you think. I used my food processor because it makes the pancake batter smooth in just a few seconds. Don’t worry, even if you don’t have a food processor, just use a hand whisk to combine all the ingredients.

Full recipe is at:

Ingredients (makes 5 servings, 10 pancakes):

¾ cup almond or any nut butter (7 oz)
4 large eggs
⅓ cup coconut milk (90 ml/ 3 fl oz)
2 tbsp Erythritol (20 g/ 0.7 oz)
1 tsp cinnamon or vanilla powder
½ tsp baking soda
2 tbsp ghee or coconut oil for greasing
Optional: Homemade Sugar-Free Maple Syrup ( and berries

Nutrition facts per serving (2 pancakes):

Total carbs: 8.8 g
Net carbs: 3.6 g
Protein: 12.8 g
Fat: 32.5 g
Energy: 401 kcal (calories)
Carbs (4%) : Protein (14%) : Fat (82%)


7 Replies to “Keto Diet: Easy Keto Pancakes”

  1. First of all I would like to thank you for your amazing recipes;specially for me, that even being Paleo was still addicted to carbs, the variety of flavors and ingredients that you use makes my journey much more easy and enjoyable.
    Regarding this one specifically OMG so delicious! But in my opinion the best butter options are almond butter or coconut butter because they have the best consistency,I am not sure how good could they come out with regular milk butter.
    In my case, I made them with homemade almond butter and they came out absolutely perfect !
    I really needed a pancake for my breakfasts because only doing eggs gets boring and sometimes only a shake is not enough for me.
    tonight I am trying the zucchini recipe from your Keto ebooks.
    Again,thank you so much and congratulations! you really nailed keto with your menus :)

  2. what was the flour she used I have used coconut and almond and my pancakes turned out like shit wasted over 20 bucks on flours trying to get one pancake gave up bought a waffle iron .I watched again she doesn't use flour HUH!

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