Maple & Pecan Fudge from the Sweet & Savory Fat Bombs Cookbook!

Full recipe is at:

Ingredients (makes 16 fat bombs):

Spiced Maple & Pecan Butter:

3 cups pecans or walnuts (300 g/ 10.6 oz)
½ tsp vanilla powder or 1 tsp vanilla extract
½ tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp sugar-free maple extract
pinch salt

Maple & Pecan Fudge:

1 recipe Maple & Pecan Butter (see above)
¼ cup powdered Erythritol or Swerve (40 g/ 1.4 oz)
½ cup unsalted butter or coconut oil (112 g/ 4 oz)
1 ¼ cup chopped pecans + 16 pecan halves (150 g/ 5.3 oz)
Optional: 10-20 drops liquid stevia

Nutrition facts per serving:

Total carbs: 4.2 g
Net carbs: 1.4 g
Protein: 2.6 g
Fat: 26 g
Energy: 247 kcal (calories)
Carbs (2%) : Protein (4%) : Fat (94%)


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  1. Hi, I made this delicious looking fat bomb..but they came out very very soft…not like your video looking ones..I even put them in the freezer to see if this would help..not sure what I did wrong?? Hope my next try is better…Thanks,R

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