Another full day of eating for y’all! You guys seem to really enjoy these, and I LOVE to film them! I hope you enjoy! Be sure to follow me on my other social media accounts below!

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  1. Someone please answer my question. I have always thought that beans (black / red/ white / etc ) , quinoa , and oats are super healthy and super good for you. Now they are not? Don't they have good carbs? I heard that it is forbidden if you are doing keto diet.

  2. I am just starting out researching the Keto lifestyle and getting a feel for it all through numerous youtube videos/ literature. You are in my top favorite youtubers to go to for information. I thoroughly enjoy how personable you are to watch and your dog is sooo cute!
    Thank you for sharing your journey with the rest of the world, I am inspired by you every single day <3

  3. hi Katherine my name is ryheem I need help with the keto diet. my doctor just put me on this diet for me seizures. can you give
    me some information as far as the food that I can eat and making sure I make the right amount of food each day please and thank you

  4. Hey girl! I know this video is a couple of months old, but I still just wanted to say that I DO enjoy these "full day of eating" videos! 🙂
    I have a question- is Bo a Cocker Spaniel? He looks like one, but he also looks like e might be mixed with something else… He is so stinkin' adorable! I just love his little face!

  5. I am 3 weeks in and I took the first two weeks to just adjust to no carbs. I ate way above my macros but still lost some weight. I just needed to adapt my brain and body to no bread and crackers! I had some hella cravings so I really needed to eat some no sugar chocolate desserts to get me through. I made keto Reese pieces peanut butter cups. This week I started counting my macros and I am super happy with the results. My cravings are pretty much gone. I have lost around 11 pounds in 3 weeks and I am finally starting to feel good. My mood was pretty whack the first two weeks!

  6. love your shirt 🙂 I eat a similar meal for breakfast and am still hungry. in addition to tea and water. tea sounds good. how much sugar did it have? love your attitude about body and weight :)

  7. Pork rinds are actually Keto friendly lol.
    Baken-Ets Pork Rinds (Traditional): 80 cal; 5g fat; 7g protein; 0g carbs
    Baken-Ets Pork Rinds (Hot & Spicy): 70 cal; 4.5g fat; 7g protein; 0g carbs

  8. #FtheScale For the Win!!!!!! I do exactly what you do; I dont use keto piss sticks, or prick my finger, or weigh myself everyday obsessively, you just cant live life that way, It gets to your head!!!!!!!!!! The strength of my ketosis is based on how cut my abs look, so if im doing good on my diet my abs look cut and ripped, but when i cheat and i have chips or cake or cookies or whatever bad food my abs go into hiding… Oh well. At the end of the day I just like knowing I'm healthy and doing the best I can!! Thanks Kat for these videos, you are an inspiration to us ALL!!!! P.S. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND I LOVE YOU!!!!!

  9. Thank you again for the awesome video, you could do a viewer question and answer video… You could take questions from the comments on some of your videos… If you do here are my questions…
    How old is Bo?
    What supplements do you take??? Magnesium, Fish oil, Vitamin B, Omega's etc…
    Do you do pork rinds?
    Do you track macros in an app/ fitness pal or calorie count?
    How do you figure out how much protein you should eat?
    Do you weigh your meat before or after it's cooked?
    What youtube channels do you watch for inspiration?
    Do you worry about sugar free foods having sugar in them in other ways?

    Thank you.

  10. I love your videos. I just started the keto diet and love your full day of eating video's. Oh and really enjoyed your make-up tutorial. Can't wait to see more videos.

  11. Katherine how in the world can anybody be so soooooo cute and real at the same time you are so funny & huggable omgosh I love you keep cranking up these videos 🙂 BTW do you have Facebook page ? or Instagram? my name is Al Shahidi please go check out my page if you like what you see in would love to add you to my friends list on Facebook:)

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