Okay, if you were quick enough to see the first upload, props to you! Of course technology doesn’t always work right! Hopefully this upload is the whole thing!

Yet another full day of eating, enjoy! Try out the pancakes or you’re missing out!

original pancake recipe: http://thebigmansworld.com/2016/02/12/healthy-fluffy-low-carb-pancakes/

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  1. You need 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carb. The fat keeps you full. In order to eat more fat, you can make some bulletproof tea or coffee. Blend in some mayonnaise, butter and coconut oil. That should be your tea. Also you should eat the pancake with some mayo as well.

  2. I was watching this video for the pancakes, walked to my room to start exam prep and fell asleep mid way through the video haha as soon as pressed play you said almost the same thing I just did

  3. the reason why you were starving to death then tired is likely an overdose of sugar alcohols, carbs, or artificial sweeteners. Cut down on the fake it style keto and stick to whole foods. From what I saw it also looks like you are low on fat :)

  4. Hi Katherine, hope you are well. can u tell me where do u get the pre-work out energy packs "HYDE". I found the product on Amazon. what I'm looking for is the packs ? I want to test it out 1st. Thank you for sharing. take care.

  5. I'm so bummed, mine never looked like that had to toss the 1st batch and am still working on the second batch and they still don't look like that. How long did you cook them for? Ugh I so wanted them to work, Back to my flat little pancakes for today.

  6. Hey Kat, not trying to be the food police but I wanted to lend some friendly advice based on my own experience.
    I literally never feel hungry on Keto but I always make getting enough fat a priority, steer clear of those "low/less fat" products. If you could push for a little extra fat 20-30 grams earlier in the day it may help carry you through. Also I noticed your fitness pal is set to track sugar, you could consider tracking your Sodium instead since you are already tracking your carbs. Sodium = super important on Keto for a variety of reason I won't get into. Anyway like I said just said, some friendly advice, keep up the good work girl!

  7. What percent of your calories do you have devoted to protein? I was told that too much can spike insulin so I was just curious comparing our numbers. <3 great video! those pancakes look to die for. I need to start experimenting with keto foods, because at this point i feel like i eat the same plain meat/cheese/veggie meals every day

  8. MNDRZ has a YouTube video that shows how to set up MFP to track net carbs. The video is called How to: Setup My Fitness Pal for Net Carbs. I did it and it works great.

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