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  1. I would like to start on the Keto diet but I honestly have no idea how it works or where to start. Can you recommend a website or book that I can get that would help me understand the diet and get started?

  2. Also, even its Keto diet, calories are calories no matter where they come from, and you are still eating too much. Try to cut first (check the benefits of fasting) then you keep yourself with a KetoDiet.

  3. Fellow Texan here (East Texas) and I feel you about that heat.. I've never watched any of your videos and I freaked out at your adorable dog!! He's so sweet and I love his face! ^_^

    I am getting ready to start keto, making shopping list, setting goals, etc. I love the "mashed potatoes" idea, its so cool and I will be trying that. Subscribed, keep making awesome videos, you're great!

  4. Good for you. Sweet addictions can be consuming. In Keto you should try to snack on fat. Instead of snow cones full of chemicals try guacamole or coconut milk in the can. Freeze it and add cinnamon to make a Keto ice cream treat. After 2 years of Keto I cut many of the dirty Keto foods and feel much better. Good luck on your journey.

  5. Stevia and syrup! Holy cow sweet addicted. I was cringing just watching the amounts you use. I don't know if you realize, but the brain can spike hormonal response with all sweeteners. Including stevia. Sorry but true.

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