Follow along with me for my 10 day “restart” as I begin adhering to the keto diet once again! No more cheating!

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18 Replies to “Keto: Keeping it Simple | Day 1| Back to the basics!/HIIT Cardio for ketosis?”

  1. I used the Keto diet back in February and lost 27kg (59lbs) in 3-4 months! I have kept the weight off, now im on a strict Keto diet (under 20 grams carbs) Monday-Friday and have what I want on the weekends!

    Keep u the good work ; )

  2. Great vid! I just started keto diet yesterday and I've been binge reading and watching vids on it
    I never knew anything about keto until recently when I started drinking Bulletproof Coffee (coffee, grass fed butter, coconut oil) every morning. As I searched the the Internet on how to make the said coffee, I kept seeing results about "keto diet", and that's how I landed on your vids.
    I'm starting off at 50 carbs or less per day as I'm Asian and rice is a staple diet for me lol. Then if all is well, I'll drop that to 25 or less in a week or 2.
    But I am definitely sticking to drinking buttered coffee regardless of my results with keto diet, as I am hearing great things about it.
    Good luck to you and keto on!

  3. u can save your money and stop buying this BCCA.. first if u doing keto you probably science based girl, so there is no such evidence or paper that BCCA give you any benefits, second, when you keto adapted you are in a state of protein sparing.. you really dont need to spend your money on this S***, buy some real food. after saying that, i like your channel keep on keto! – subscribed.

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