How important to know your blood sugar while trying the ketogenic diet and can the keto diet be dangerous.
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  1. Stephanie, would you consider an LDL cholesterol of 137 mg/ dl (or 3.5 mmol) too high? My HDL is also above the range: 67 mg / dl (1.7 mmol) and my triglycerides quite low (57 mg or 0.6 mmol), which is good (I guess). I've been on keto for a year and four months and two different doctors have mentioned statins, to which I have categorically opposed. My total colesterol before I went into keto a year and fours ago was around 137 mg, which now I think might not have been good for me at all. As a matter of fact, I occasionally crave a lot of fat and, as a consequence, I eat so many more calories than before (some days almost 3000, but my workouts are quite moderate), however, I don't gain weight as a result. I have autoimmune hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue, and possibly leaky gut because I have food intolerances. I'm sure I was insulin resistant before I started keto (fasting blood sugar always in my top 90s, after I started keto in the 70s last time I checked). I suspect my body is asking for materials to repair and the LDL cholesterol is raised because of that.

  2. What's the best way to get potassium? As far as my electrolytes goes that's the most difficult one to keep up with. I drink coconut water which has carbs, so I'd like to cut back on, eat avocados and lots of spinach. But I can never seem to hit that 4700mg per day

  3. It's weird that you talk about blood because my mother and I were having a convo about that the other day and how diabetes runs in our family. Recently, I've been looking up research on the Blood Type diet and since I'm O+, they said the best diet for me is paleo/keto which is like a light bulb moment for me. like holy crap, I've been eating things that I thought were healthy, but now I know keto is right for me and i just need to figure out how to adjust and turn it into a lifestyle so I can be healthier.

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