“Change your thoughts, change your life.”
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16 Replies to “Ketogenic Diet Week 66 Update”

  1. You are so right that we get stuck in our own mindset.. It's easy to forget we are the ones who make the choices! I have said I get to make the choice at least 3 times a day 🙂 thanks for the video!

  2. Ive been watching your videos and they are so encouraging. And so informative. I didnt know about most of the sites you mentioned. You look amazing. Thanks for the great videos.

  3. You seem to hit a stall for several weeks. I believe this is because of losing the initial intention to keep on a clean keto diet routine. There is an old chinese saying that a monk who keeps his initial intention as he started, he has sufficient condition to be a buddha. Hope that helps rebooting your keto engine.

  4. I did keto about 5 years ago. At that time it was verboten by doctors and everyone I talked to said it would kill me. It did not. It worked really well but all I could find on it was to eat gobs of fat and meat. Not a bad diet but not sustainable for any length of time. Unfortunately having a wife and 2 kids that are fairly healthy means they can eat anything they want. Made it tough for me to keep on it and at that time there was almost no support system. 3 months ago I started treatment for diabetes (insulin) and now I am being tested for heart disease. If there ever was a time to get back on the diet this is it. I am amazed at how in 5 years there are channels such as this and whole meals like Keto Chow.
    I have watched your vids and am inspired that this time I can do it. I kinda want to walk my daughter down the isle you know?
    I'll keep you updated, thanks for sharing.

  5. I total agree with you, it is a mind set. You have to really want it and decide that you are worth it. I love your videos and congrats on your progress. Looking forward to your next video.

  6. Since day one I have admired your straight forward attitude. You have always been positive and helpful to the keto and diet community. Keep being real. I al approaching my one year mark on keto and am down a little over 100 pounds. I have a few health issues ahead of me. I appreciate you. Thanks for all you bring to this works I live in.

  7. I hear what you are saying but I also think it is incredibly easier for women who have been able to lose a large amount of weight in a short period of time to keep more positive. I am going into week 5 with having only lost 6.5 lbs. They say "Comparison is the thief of joy" and it truly is! Many women drop what I did in a week. I don't have cheat days, I drink plenty of water, eat my fats, keep my carbs at 20 daily (usually under). And still, have not lost nearly as much as soon as most women who are doing this WOE. So you are absolutely right, the mindset is very important and obviously needs more work from me.

  8. This is true about the mental struggle. For example, I dreamed of getting the gastric bypass surgery done. Deep in my heart I knew this was just a band aid. I knew that the change had to be mental. The surgery was NOT going to fix it, it was going to be 100 times worse. I thank God for leading me to Keto it has changed my life. I tell my friends and family is NOT a diet is away of LIFE!!!!! I started in July 5, 2015 at 305 lbs and now I'm at 244 lbs. I remember when I was feeling so out of it and the headache was not going away. Then I found your YouTube channel and you talked about not to give up and going thru sugar withdrawal and it hit me like a brick!!!!! I had no idea I was detoxing of sugar and years of junk foods. I was so relieved and that week turned out to be the beginning of my journey. I am so grateful to you and the way you have opened up your heart to share your journey with all of us. Thank you!!!!!!

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