Hi my name is Billy I am sharing my weight loss journey too not only improve my own health, but to make others aware of the dangers of obesity and to encourage more people to make a change in their own lives despite the chaos and stressors of life. Over the period of this channel I will be sharing what it is like to go through life as an obese person and also how to deal with pitfalls in life. I will share my years of medical and personal experience to help educate others to help better make their own choices no matter what diet or path they may be on. I have a little girl whom I haven’t got to see since she was two years old because her mother hates me for getting remarried. Since then my new wife and I have been fostering to adopt. My mother and I were hit by a drunk driver while sitting in a restaurant in 1995. I was a senior in high school and first string on the football team. Mom has had brain damage ever since. When things get bad, keep your head up.:)


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