A follow up to a previous video on weight gain in January, plus what’s the difference between keto and paleo. Also, how do you eat out on this diet? For more information on the ketogenic diet and items mentioned this video, see below.

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26 Replies to “Let’s have coffee together.. and some thoughts”

  1. Hi Casey, I was having trouble finding how many calories I should eat everyday, and I found it. Your right the smaller you are the less calories you need. The bigger you the more calories you need to lose weight…It's very scientific and everyone is different. Water retention, menses and hormones play a huge role in fluctuations. So, according to my personal chart to Burn Fat/LOSE Weight …I need to eat 1500 calories per day (20-25 grams of Carbs, 83-87grams of Protein, 119-120grams of Fat) …this is 5% Carbs/20%Protien/75%Fat  ..I could not understand why I was stalling on my weight loss, I found out I was not eating enough….I hope this helps someone who is trying to figure this out:)

  2. I just love these and appreciate you so much!! For some reason I started to get nervous about stalling today, but I'm trying to let it go! I know eventually I will stall, have weeks where I gain, or whatever. Also I love your idea for a group coffee chat! Maybe a Skype video conference call would work? Not sure but I'd LOVE to do something like that!

  3. Really enjoyed this video. TFS . Always love hearing your insight . I've been in a stall lately but it's because I've been eating too many calories. I've become stuck in eating the same foods and really need to expand my options. I'm starting to get bored with my food choices and worry that I won't be sticking to the plan . Started looking for some different ideas and hopefully the new foods will inspire me to get back on program and lessen my calories

  4. Thanks for mentioning that you don't need to eat when out with others. People worry too much what others think when they probably don't give a s..t. I can really enjoy the heck out of coffee or tea and conversation! I LOVE the vegie dessert choice. Priceless!!! By the way, love your chats. I'm your age and it feels like I'm talking with a friend.(even though one sided)

  5. Isn't it interesting how we look at food differently now. Desserts look like poison to me now. Why would I put poison in my body. I went to a family event on Sunday. Before going there my husband and I had a delicious breakfast near the hotel we had stayed at. We went to the event at my sister's house. Trust me their was nothing keto available. She had also made this wonderful dessert my mother is famous for bringing to every family function . It didn't even look good to me. We basically drank water and focused on reconnecting with folks we hadn't seen in a long time. I don't think people noticed we weren't eating anything. I didn't feel deprived in the least. We made the 3 hour drive home without a single hungry pain.

  6. Thanks for all the information. I have been at this low carb /keto diet and have been over eating the entire time. You are one of the rarities on YT that is telling the absolute truth about over eating. Keep it up.

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