Chatty Vlog | Water Fasting And Keto Diet

Just catching up with you guys, as it’s been a while! It’s been way too long… Right now my schedule is all over the place, but mid february it’ll be easier to manage ******************** Find me here: Gaming Channel: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: ******************** Camera […]

Full day of fasting on KETO – Low Carb Ketogenic Diet

After a couple of full day of eating videos, here is one on a full day of fasting instead! If you have no experience with intermittent fasting (eg. 16 hours fasting, 8 hour eating window), then first try that before attempting longer (eg 24 hour) fasts. Hope you enjoy the […]

DAY 7 – How I food shop to remain strict Keto!

DAY IN THE LIFE OF STEPH KETO! Periscope: WEBSITE: FB: INSTAGRAM: jimmy Moore interview w/ stephanie: Nora Gedgaudas; podcast – NEW DOWNLOADABLE PLANS: TAGS: How to keto adapt, keto diet, keto gains, ketosis, ketones, lchf, low carb diet, paleo diet, atkins diet, intermittent […]

Will a Cheat-Day Ruin My Ketogenic Diet? – Ketogenic Diet 101 – Dr. Brett Osborn

In his latest video, Will a Cheat-Meal Ruin My Ketogenic Diet, Dr. Osborn explains the potential benefits and downfalls of a cheat meal as it relates to your Ketogenic Diet goals. He also provides some tips to make sure you don’t stray too far. Dr. Osborn is a board-certified neurosurgeon, […]

The ketogenic Diet Part 3 – How to stay in Ketosis/ Breaking through the plateau

The Ketogenic Diet Part 3 How to stay in Ketosis? In this course, Veronica Yoo will cover: 1. How to stay in Ketosis 2. Isit possible not to lose weight on a Ketogenic Diet? 3. Breaking through the plateau 4. Mistake to AVOID on a Ketogenic Diet To get a […]