Here is a quick video about todays full day of keto eating! I hope you enjoy it! Give it a thumbs up if you want to see more!

Collagen I used:

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  1. just found your channel and already watched a lot of your videos! Does the keto diet really works? i'm interested in trying it out! and also how long does it take to see results from it? :)

  2. Great video and so helpful in giving me idea of what to eat or drink while on Keto. You make everything look so appetizing! I will have to try that toasted marshmallow mocha, yum! Does the iso-amino coffee creamer add any protein or carbs to the coffee or is just mainly for taste? Thanks!

  3. i think your adorable…..but i iwould truly love you to continue to do videos of just your whole day of eating… What you ate, and the macros because I really don't have much time to watch videos that are explaining and showing what people do all day when they go to school grocery shopping, etc… whatever…..I really like to see more videos of what you eat during the day …some short little videos which it will be so much better for me and probably a lot better for others because we really don't have time to go through everybody's daily routines ayde we to are super busy crazy busy……we ARE interested in what they're eating because this is how we learn… Again and I think you're absolutely adorable

  4. Recently started keto and I've been looking for a keto vlogger to follow. I've loved your videos so far! What has your transformation been since starting keto? If there's a video talking about that, you could just point me in that direction. :P

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