There exists no single food or diet that can promote weight loss. The extra pound on our body is nothing but the result of consuming food beyond what our body requires for its day to day maintenance. You can shed those extra pounds from your body by reducing the food intake. The diet we follow must be the one that can provide lesser energy to the body than what it requires.

You might have come across the special diet programs that offer miraculous relief from the weigh loss problem. They are based on negative calorie formula with which you can burn those extra pounds from your body. But the fact is that there exists no scientifically proven single food formula that can reduce your body weight by consuming them.

If you can find a diet that can reduce the total energy consumption of the body you can categories it as a food with negative calorie effect. Some fruits are found very effective in reducing the body weight in this way. Food items with low calorific value can be used to replace the foods of high calorific value by a person on diet. You can experience the power of food in reducing the body weight in this way.

The diets with high fiber content can also be considered a weight loss food that can be used safely by a person who wants to shed body weight. The fiber content will help to fill your stomach quicker causing people take less food than they normally consume. It will reduce the energy intake of the body considerably.

Other weight loss foods that are helpful in reducing the body weight include diet that is low in fat. If consumed beyond the permissible amount fat may cause excess body weight. Fat contain a lot of energy than that contained in carbohydrates or protein. Therefore a person who wishes to get rid of his excess body weight should minimize the fat intake to keep him healthy and trim.

A diet enriched with essential vitamins and minerals also can be categorized as weigh loss foods considering their ability to increase the energy level of the person who consumes it. Such a diet will prompt a person to exercise more than any other person. Regular exercise or workouts will help him to be trim and healthy.

Uncooked raw vegetables and fruits are also considered as weight loss foods. You can reduce the energy and sodium intake that may cause water retention in the body. Water retention may ultimately lead to gaining of extra pounds.

If you want to find a good weight loss food that does not ruin your health go for the foods that are rich in high quality proteins, fiber and complex crabs.


Source by Dane Bergen

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