Happy Vlogmas! I’m a little late but I’m on it, now! Details below.

Come with me today as I try to find the keto pork rinds and get my ketogenic diet together with some keto snacks.

I use the Keto Diet to treat my PCOS and lose weight. I’m on a 100lb weight loss journey. Learn more here:

PCOS and The Ketogenic Diet: http://bit.ly/2hlgDEH

Watch me try the snacks in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6LWs9dGskA

Around the ‘net:

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Website: www.HelloPCOS.com
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SW: 289
CW: 252
GW: 189

Keto. Exercise. (mostly) Dairy Free.

Thats my jam: http://bit.ly/2goF5CM

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