Interview with Linda Bacon, PhD, a researcher on the inside track of weight regulation science, and author of Health at Every Size and Body Respect. Chatting with us about the process of beginning to accept your body, the reason dieting doesn’t work, how to deal with feelings of shame, and more. || Click “Show More” for show notes…

Giving up food control (09:05)
Connection between weight and health (14:51)
Weight stigma (43:18)

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5 Replies to “#014 The Keto Diet Podcast: Your Weight”

  1. "Social justice", "what you eat tends to not matter", "if your doctor tells you to lose weight, fire your doctor", "change the culture", "size diversity", "racism", "sexism" — I was impressed with her credentials until I heard what she had to say.

  2. Hey Leanne I wonder if you can give me some advice please I'm type 2 diabetic and iv been doing the Cambridge weight lan diet since 5 October and have lost33lbs but I'm wanting to switch over to doing ketogenic diet I'm just confused and worried will I put any weight on swapping diets any advice please x

  3. while I feel there were some great comments made in this podcast, and I definitely admire you putting it up, I do not agree with a good amount of what she was talking about especially in terms of the science around it doesn't really matter what people eat. There is tons of hard science that shows that it really does matter what we eat and that a calorie from fat is much different than a calorie from carbs.

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