The things you shouldn’t do on keto for so, so many reasons. Want success on the diet? Watch! Transcript & FREE Mini Guide:|| Click “Show More” for resources.

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Oops! I forgot to record 7! Which was… You shouldn’t be ruled by macros and have them impacting your life at every turn. If you’re not hungry at the end of the day, but you need more fat or protein to “hit your macros” step away from the fat bomb. Your body knows what it needs, and right now, it’s not hungry.

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39 Replies to “10 Things You Shouldn’t Do on Keto”

  1. I love that you talk about carb ups and not enough carbs being a potential problem. I am sick of seeing "eat more fat" being an answer to EVERYTHING. I love eating high fat, it really works for me, but it is NOT a solution to every health problem, right? 🙂 Love your videos :-*

  2. I wish I could like this more than once, you make so many good points. A lot of it I already "knew I agreed with" but it's almost like sometimes you need permission to change things up from the accepted norms. My advice to newbie Ketoers is always that there's more than one way to do it, find what works for your body because if you're forcing yourself to do something that isn't right for you, you'll be miserable and it's not sustainable.

  3. Hi Leanne!
    I have a question…Been following the Keto lifestyle for just about 2 months. Now I don't have a gal bladder so I take bile salts, Niacin and b complex which helps me so much! Here is my surprise issue. Last night I had a piece of pizza. Yes one piece and today omg do I feel awful! This might be a really dumb question but is my body just saying "no thank-you" to wheat?? I'm not sure how to avoid this again. Thank you!

  4. I've been on and off keto for a couple years now but before I started and still to this day I've struggled with indigestion and heartburn and other digestive issues so I'm still trying to work out what causes it all. I'm sure it's not related to keto though since I had it before I started, I think it's caused by going on a low GI diet which is high in grains and carbs but is recommended for those with pre-diabetes such as myself.

  5. Hello. Can you recommend a resource to check out about signs that "you've screwed up on keto" and reasons those signs may have developed? Specifically, I'm trying to find out why I developed pancreatitis on a keto diet. My pancreas was refusing to play its role properly in the digestion of fat and my blood fats spiked very high. Hospital and a lot of pain. However, I have never felt physically and mentally better on a diet and want to give it a go again sometime, if I can pinpoint what went wrong or that I may have done wrong. Any place you suggest I am willing to check out. Also, maybe a basic "how to" for keto. Thank you so much for what you do. Your videos are very enjoyable and informative.

  6. Isn't there some evidence that you can loose some hair , due to a diet change or weight loss ? My Dr said my body was adjusting , but on the other hand she just toss's stuff out when she hasn't a clue ROFL  BTW I've had my thyroid checked twice . My Mom's hair got thin after she got older , but she was on thyroid meds . I dunno it's all baffling 🙁  Good list of things !!

  7. I am just cautious if id develop gall stones if id continue on with keto diet.,

    And can u give tips on how to deal with bad constipation while on keto.. i tried it for almost a month, its effective though i have to take laxatives sometimes coz of constipation.

  8. The #1 thing not on the list is OMITTING ALL SUNLIGHT and EMBRACING ARTIFICIAL LIGHT. Get out in the morning for a half hour, and then again at lunch for another hour…workout under real UNPOLARIZED sunlight for UVB to generate more Vitamin D… yes, you need to acclimate over time, especially in the spring and summer. The lack of sunlight over time will mess up your insulin like no tomorrow. Dopamine is also generated by UVA. Learn the light physics, which drives our biophysics. This will be conventional wisdom in about 20 years because most people don't follow chronobiology. Also, on Keto, seafood fixes most of these problems…why? Iodine+selenium+DHA+potassium all packed and BALANCED into a beautiful shrimp or oysters.

  9. I have a full pizza every couple of weeks just to get the metabolic flexibility and to see how fast I get back into ketosis….
    And, there is a real Italian stone baked pizza outlet a mile from my house :)

  10. OMG keep being please and making your awesome videos! 🙂 so much keto dogma out there, it's nice to have your counterpoints of flexibility and forgiveness. That flexibility has allowed me to truly listen and notice that my keto journey wanted lots of fats the first 3-4 months (like eating butter off the spoon), and then settled afterwards. Everything has change and seasons, why would food be any different? Thank you!!!

  11. Nice post, I totally relate with the groups and the strict ketoers, too much protein or too much fat, don't fast or do fast. I get sick of the self righteous attitude sometimes. If your plan works, then stick with it in my opinion. I am losing weight more steady now I have lost 71 lbs.

  12. Hi Leanne, I am not on Ketogenic diet. But, these tips are really useful
    to understand the logic. I think anyone who would not prefer to be on
    a full keto diet can still use the approach. Thank you.

  13. I hgave been on Dr. Treey Whals diet for 5-1/2 years.How much different are the two seeing that both diets are high fat and are very simeler..Straitenn Me out on this…I amn to the understanding that The Whals Diet is a keto diet…

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