I hope you guys enjoyed this weigh in video and the little body/loose skin update.

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32 Replies to “100 pound weight loss | KETO | LCHF”

  1. You are so blessed, you are so brave, you are so awesome.

    thank you so much for all of the hard work and effort that you put into posting these videos. It truly benefits way more people than those who are willing to post comments. Most people are takers, and not givers. You are a true Giver, and you're giving a ton to a huge community of people that have been hiding in their houses and hiding with oversized clothes for way too long. Shame on all those people who just want to go glean from the videos that you post and benefit from your experience and your journey, but aren't willing to take a few seconds to thank you and really root for you and cheer you on. You so deserve it. All the best to you and your family. Thank you again for posting this amazing series of videos.

  2. Amazing loss <3 and you look gorgeous btw ^_^ definitely insinspiring. If you want to add muscle the best for abs/ and upper body is planks. There are tons of variations and takes less time to do than other exercises. And for loose skin loss dry brushing everywhere before you shower.

  3. Thank you for sharing you did a marvelous job, as long as your health improved and you feel great, you shouldn't care what no one says because you look great. Again thank for sharing to us who are trying to loose weight and improve our health too.

  4. you look amazing!!! It takes courage to show it and You have it:) It is such a blessing to people like me who are trying to achieve success like you have. God bless!!!

  5. you need to do set up to make your stomach fit,i do keto diet too but still doing my workout,not much but at least 20 minutes everyday..try it it might help your stomach look nice.

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