Cream and chocolaty. This fudge recipe is quick and won’t make you miss the real thing. Won’t spike your blood glucose and will keep you in ketosis. ENJOY! Find my Kindle recipe book on Amazon. “KETOGENIC COMFORT FOOD RECIPES FOR DIABETES” Thank you!


28 Replies to “Best Ketogenic fudge recipe”

  1. I know coconut oil is wonderful but I can't stand the taste and my body doesn't always react very well to it, sometimes it does sometimes it just rejects it 🙁
    So I'll try this recipe but I'll substitute coconut oil for butter, salty butter because I like satly caramel and this should ahve a bit of the same effect I hope 🙂
    I'll also replace the cheese cream bu cream because here in France we don't get that, or at least only in some very select stores in Paris and I don't live nearby so .. oh well .

    thanks for the idea it looks absolutely delicious !

  2. It is delicious. I used peanut butter and it's well worth the increase in carbs. Reminds me of a reeces peanut butter cup… yum 🙂 I place them in the back of my fridge so I won't eat all at one seating. Thanks again Aline!!

  3. to tell you the truth, i am very confused about "macros", how many calories can I have to loose weight, and how much fat ..i am diabetic and need to lose a ton of weight, but when i go on very low carb, protein and fat ..i never seem to lose weight… not only is it frustrating, I start to put on weight…i have to be careful cause i had kidney stones, do I force myself to drink a lot of water…. .would appreciate your help..ty

  4. I just made these tonight, they are incredible!! I didn't have a hand mixer so I put the ingredients in a sauce pot on low flame until everything blended well which was no problem. I also substituted the cream cheese for Tofutti cream cheese as I have a milk allergy but it wasn't noticeable at all. Love the fudge and now I can feel like I indulge a little!! Thank you :)

  5. I absolutely love your recipes and watching you. I just started Ketogenic way of eating, and have lost 20 lbs. I can't wait to get more comfortable and make all of the delicious foods you do.

  6. I just made it, it took me about an hour making myself the almond butter. It´s in the fridge now and tastes awesome! I used butter instead of coconut oil. I think it´s been a month now since i started the ketogenic lifestyle and has been hard, mostly because of my own mystakes(a peanut butter here in Chile says nothing about sugar in the nutritional info but then a realized it was the second ingredient.. 4 days of being with cero energy, as easy as that i was kicked out of keto!!)
    Thanks Aline for your videos, you make me laugh a lot, love your style! Aaand i also tried your pancakes, and i make them a lot!! Saludos desde Chile!!!

  7. My batch is just finished – it will be tough to wait for it in the fridge. Thank you for this awesome recipe. This is my day 2 on the Keto diet. (Thank heavens I get clean the beaters now – yum.)

  8. I really want to try this but can't figure out a conversion for the liquid stevia since I don't know how much is in a dropper. Could you please tell me how much granulated stevia I would use if not using any liquid?

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