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Pork based chili with pork, bacon, peppers and onions using a crockpot. Good alone or as a topper on burgers or hotdogs.

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38 Replies to “Caveman Chili | Crockpot Recipes | Caveman Keto”

  1. For everyone out there saying that this isnt keto. Have any of you taken the ingredients and actually did the math. I have. Here it is broken down below.

    1 Onion Chopped – 9g
    2 Green Peppers Chopped – 8G
    6 oz Tomato Paste – 25g
    1 Can Diced Tomatoes – 14g
    Packet of Chili Spices – 4g

    Total Carbs – 60G

    1/8th Serving = 7.5g

    Ill even add another 4g of carbs to the total for the other spices.

    Totaling 8g of carbs per serving. Id say that's pretty damn accurate. From his videos, i'm sure this guy knows his stuff and wouldn't call it keto friendly if it wasn't.

    The More You Know

  2. wow… u have outdone yourself with this recipe !!!! I am going to Target tomorrow to buy some of this !!! I will have to tweek it a lil and add some sauce n chili beans though since my man has to eat this as well. thx for posting.

  3. Made this a few days ago and it was amazing!! I didn't use any paste/ or tomatoes and found a low carb sauce. I added 6 tablespoons of butter to the slow cooker (Kerrygold), all the grease from the bacon (pan fried it) and the butter/juices from the cooking of the meat. Gets the fat content higher per serving and the taste is fantastic.

  4. This is low carb, sure. But it's hardly keto friendly. The peppers, onion and tomato purees are not at all low enough in carb to be considered keto. I'm still going to make this, but I just wanted to let newbies know of this before they made it. Thanks for sharing.

  5. bacon has no place in chili your knives have no place being used on marble/ceramic/glass/metal use only on plastic/bamboo and hardwood boards the vidalia chopper is cool for small jobs i have the old school vegomatic if you ever find one get it or just use your food processor small cheap ones run 10 to 15 bucks plus they make mayo

  6. I'm confused this has 50g carbs in the paste 12 in the peppers and 24 grams in the diced tomatoes. You're also using pork which has less fat than beef so how can you say this is keto friendly?

  7. I would be curious to see the Macro's of this recipe,with the tomato sauce and tomatoes and peppers and onions being a pretty big portion of this recipe I would say it is borderline keto if you have a couple of servings in a day. My guess would be this recipe is pushing 15-20 grams of Carbs per serving. Which is fine if you are having one serving per day, not so good when you throw other things in through out the day.

  8. the packaged chili mixes have starches in them for thickening.  If you're serious about eating a lot of chili then I'd recommend you make your own powder. I get three types of dried chili  peppers at the grocery store in bags (I've seen these at ChinaMart and Food Lion)…Badia brand …Japones, Guajillo and California.  Wear disposable gloves when preparing. For the Japones all you do is snip off the stem end and seeds fall out. The other two you cut the full length with a kitchen shears and take the ribs out along with the seeds. Then you grind them all up in a blender ..pulsing as you may need to push down the peppers with a wooden spoon a few times. I grind them more coarse similar to coffee instead of pulverizing them.  Once ground you can add  things like onion powder, garlic powder. cumin,,,,, 1 tbsp each….I don't add salt to the mix…just maybe to the pot when making. Two TBSP of  powder is enough for 3lbs of meat and one 15oz can of diced tomatoes with one more can of water added. I never cut up onions and peppers…I just buy the frozen pepper blend bag at the store and toss it in. Less than $2 and no mess…plus you get red and yellow bell along with the green and onions. I also add a splash of white vinegar….my mom always did so and moms are always right ! This WILL be spicy hot with two tbsp. so if you can't take heat back it off on the powder. Works great with hamburger or any red meat…even stew meat (that's gonna take hours to soften of course).

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