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  1. I've made these two Saturday mornings in a row now….This week I skipped the baking soda and put 1/8 teaspoon of xanthan gum in it and 2 tablespoons of sugar free Torani Vanilla syrup instead of the stevia/truvia…..Holy Crap I love these pancakes so much…..cooked them in butter and coconut oil

  2. I'm thinking about trying this, but adding coconut flour and flax seeds for fiber and to stretch it out to more pancakes. I also try to minimize "sugar-free" products because they may do harm over time (especially if they have saccharin or aspartame).

  3. This batter also works well in a waffle maker. For syrup, I mix melted butter, maple extract and some sweetener or I whip some heavy cream with sweetener and vanilla and slice a couple of strawberries on top (and/or blueberries). Tastes great and is filling. I love the format of the video. Nice and quick but shows each step.

  4. Voted for you! 🙂 I am curious if you've had any blood work done? I'm thinking about starting keto and am wondering how cholesterol is affected. Thanks and good luck on the Quest contest!

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