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34 Replies to “Full Day Of Eating #2 | Keto Style | Gabriel Sey”

  1. Hey. I love keto and low carb. But just a warning, it produces a lot of plaque and tartar on your teeth, so getting a teeth cleaning every 4-6months otherwise you can get gum disease. But great video

  2. Whats Uo fearkess! I follow you a while ago! I enjoy your vids mate, just started my youtube channel, check out my day in the life see what you think bro! Cheers and good luck in the show I am also 12 days out!

  3. hey gabriel, i heard people say its not good to eat too many eggs in a day, however i see alot of body builders eat a TON of eggs cos it does have good source of protein. Could you give me your take on that and what is considered too much.

  4. I love the gym I can go 5 times a week no bother. The diet is the hard part for me but that's where the result come from. More videos on nutrition would be nice. Thanks again 

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