Leanne Vogel talks to Ricki about candida, keto and a vegan diet.


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  1. Hi Ricki Heller,
    Thank you for write the book! and Great interview it cleared a lot of my doubts.
    So, actually I`m in ketosis state for 2 months, but I became to get rashes on my abdominal area. I listen some people saying that It could be candida die-off, but  I`m wondering that it can be candida overgrowth too, because as you said in the interview candida like ketones too. So do you think is better I increase a little bit my carbohydrate intake?
    Thank you so much,
    Have a good day!

  2. Great interview,i can totally related my experience with Ricki's one,i got candida from my mother,i've always been a sugar addict,got a lot of sinus problems in my teen years,got skin rash and severe food intolerance few years later,i've been fighting candida for the last 7 years,i've try many type of diet during this 7 years and the last one that i've try is the ketogenic diet,this is the only one that really gave me real obvious result,no doubt about it,i've been on the keto diet for almost 2 years now and i keep improving.By the way,about the coconut product been problematic,i do react to every coconut product brand except the Nutiva brand,i can't explain why but all the other brands are giving me skin rashes and i mostly only use coconut oil,just wanna mention that in case somebody would have the same type of reaction,try the Nutiva brand.

  3. Glad you got into this fat relation to Candida around 18 min point. My understanding is that its really fat in the diet which allows for candida overgrowth.  So if you're doing a keto thing where you have significant amounts of fat you're asking for trouble in terms of candida.  Not sure if you're aware of it but many candida sufferers clear up their issues once they get their fat levels down even while eating plenty of carbs. And it seems that Dr. Heller's experience bore this out as she found that if she had too many nuts and oils in her diet her Candida worsened. People are so accustomed to high levels of fat in the diet most of us don't really know what low fat means. Most Paleo/Keto studies compare paleo diets with high fat vegetarian diets while calling them low fat. A low fat diet means fat makes up about 10% of the diet.

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