If you are on a low carb diet like atkins or keto you will encounter a keto hater. In this vlog we discuss our experiences with keto haters and how to deal with them! Haters going to hate!

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10 Replies to “How to Deal with People Hating on Your Keto Diet!”

  1. btw, skinny people who don't appear to need to diet are wrecking their insides with standard american diet and commonly have plenty of visceral fat around their organs much those of us who have had a harder time losing weight and fat.

  2. I try to be a polite person and not push my what I do in my life onto other people. Sometimes I share. Sometimes I don't. I've recently lost nearly 70 lbs counting calories (the 2nd 1/2 of that weight loss after moving to a modified keto diet but still counting calories). It has been impossible not to share my weight loss experience with people at work because a steady stream of people come over to my desk and chat me up about it. Well, I happen to sit near an obese coworker and this person seems to be incredibly angry that I have lost so much weight in only 4 months. The person is constantly saying rude little remarks like 'it won't last' and 'yeah, I did that once and you'll gain it back'. To make things worse, the person brought in a ton of junk food for 'Halloween' a full MONTH before Halloween. So we have all this candy and assorted cakes and crap all over our office and the person RELOADS the pile of toxic waste every day! I honestly think the person is trying to sabotage my progress. I can't understand why because I have been very kind and have not bragged about my progress or said 'you should try this too' sort of thing. It's really sad and frustrating for me. It must be equally frustrating for the other person because I have little or no desire to taste any of the junk that is piled up in our office. I am almost never hungry and I can pick up a piece of cake or candy and smell it deeply and it feels like I just ate it. It gives me the same pleasure as smell is a big part of taste. I am happy with that. But not everyone is happy with me it seems. People are so messed up.

  3. I believe it's true and possible that once we lose the weight and our body is healthier and less insulin resistant then we can slowly reintroduce carbs, which is the basis of the original Atkins diet. And this concept is used by women who do fitness competitions but they call it "reverse dieting" where they slowly increase calories & carbs each week, so I'm optimistic that We wont always have to live on 20 grams! But agree, going back to a lifestyle of unlimited carbs isn't realistic and would certainly mean regaining the weight

  4. Hi Keto Twins! I already follow you on IG. I'm Keto WeightLossJourney on IG. This was a great video. I've been doing low carb on and off for about 15 years and I can sure relate to the hate. It usually came from friends and family. Now that I make videos, it also comes from people online too. You have great tips that I'm going to try next time at family parties. Maybe instead of me trying to explain myself and say no to their cupcakes, I'll just take one and throw it away later.

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