Why meal prepping is so important!

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  1. A very important point is made here : " food is not entertainment " – Right.

    Food is fuel and everyone has to learn how to value it. When it comes to the food's value, it's not about how much chocolate topping you can have on your Banana Split dessert, but about the fact that you can eat nutritious foods that make your body to function. It's not about having a beer when the weather gets hot, but about having clear water to drink in order to hydrate the body. 

    Meal preparation is about following a plan in order to survive and maintain the best physical shape in the long term, so it has to be done properly – not by indulgence, but by quality , nutritional value and personal requirements. Never prepare meals on an empty stomach ( and on an empty brain ). 

  2. My favorite spices on my keto foods?  Freshly ground Celtic salt (Himalayan salt is my second favorite) plus freshly ground organic black pepper.  Those two simple things plus yummy fats make food taste sooo good!  It must be all the minerals in the salts that make them so flavorful. (Nothing to do with table salt – bleh!)

  3. Got your download for the meal plan today but I still want to understand labels… If a food label says x number of grams of carbs per serving does that directly relate to my daily allowance? Like if something says 6 grams of carbs does that mean I add 6 grams to my total for the day or is it an overall thing? I guess I'm confused about the grams to percentage part. This may be a stupid question but I'm new so forgive me… I'm not good at math 

  4. I've pondered over this quite deeply as to why we say we are bored with eating healthy.  I've come to the conclusion that people are not bored with their food.  The deal is they don't want to eat it, because they are not used to it.  If you think about it, when they are eating badly they aren't eating very many different things.  Same thing all the time, it's just that it is what they WANT (or are addicted to), not what they need.  So saying they are bored is just an excuse to go back to pizza, burgers, fries, sodas, and ice cream.

  5. Is there an app you recommend to track your intake? I'm a beginner and need help knowing the %'s of food so I know what to eat and stick to 80-15-5. I'm 52, 5'1" and weigh 113. I want to get back to 100 because it's were I feel best but I don't just want to be skinny, I just want to be rid of fat so you can actually see some muscle. Thank you, I trust you to get me there! 

  6. To answer some of your questions the food prep you saw in the video was for  one day of my late lunch early dinner. Breakfast is not included in the shot. All of the veggies are cooked in duck fat, butter and coconut oil, I also drink fatty teas all day long.. BAM!

  7. Stephanie,

    May I please get a break down of this keto thing. Please let me know if I am on the right track with this whole percentage. So to be on Keto it is 75-20-5 which will be Fat-Protein-Carbs. so if I am on 280g diet, then i would consume 210grams of fat, 56grams of Protein, and 14grams of Carbohydrates per day? Please let me know if I am on the right track with this. Thank you I love your videos!

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  9. Steph thats pretty much what i eat, only a bit more soup throughout the day. and i know youve probably spoke about macademias before, are they ok now and again ? coz ive been having them for the last 2 days since my strict keto began 2 weeks ago. or do they also have phytic acid

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