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48 Replies to “KETO | A FULL DAY OF MEALS”

  1. Hi trying to start eating like this today because it seems very health and people seem to have lots of good results. But I'm curious, do you not ever have snacks at all? Such as a piece of fruit of veggies?

  2. Lord that shrimp looks good.Just started 3 weeks ago with Keto but having a time making up a shopping list/meal plan being new to this.Trying to stay away from all sugars.Can you suggest a website or anywhere to get a list of what to eat and meal plans?I have lost about 10 pounds and feel pretty good so far.Thanks

  3. Loved these meals! I squeezed juice of half a lemon on the shrimp/ string bean meal, is that still Keto friendly? When you baked the stuffed peppers in the oven what was the oven temperature & how long did you bake them?

  4. Just a reminder. Bacon is NOT healthy! Best to cut it out. It is pumped full of hormones, sulphites and salt which actually contributes to holding on to weight.

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