This is a cheap Hearty ketogenic diet dish, that is served warm.

My favorite vegan seasoning from this video:

Bacon gives smoky taste, skillet fried cabbage adds sweetness, mushrooms give meatiness and coconut oil adds exotic touch to your own made low carb high quality taste dish.

Serve it warm on and it will warm your heart all day long.

If you own a skillet and follow ketogenic diet, add this video to your favorite cooking videos and find the chance to treat yourself and your loved one with this low carb tasty dish.

I recommend these tweezers for dealing with bacon:

Finger Food recipe:

Keto Chips and guacamole:

Keto diet limits the carbs. This video teaches how to stay below your daily allowance of carbohydrates in your diet.

Excessive carbohydrates in your meal can kick you out of ketosis and stop your weight loss for weeks.

I also made a. ketogenic chicken salad to die for from a single frozen chicken thigh. Check out the video:

Watch a doctor speaking about science of nutritional ketosis:

Watch Doctor from Sweden talks how low carb high fat diet changes his country:

Watch “The amazing benefits of the low carb high fat diet on your health – Dr Robin Willcourt -” on YouTube

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