I want to share some kick butt keto diet tips for beginners and share some keto mistakes the keto community encounter including anxiety associated with eating keto at restaurants. Follow me on Facebook and visit me at http://www.myskinnyplate.com


4 Replies to “Keto Diet for Beginners & Keto Mistakes to Avoid”

  1. nice info please let me know what is rate of weight reduction per week as i have to reduce 12 kg. i already completed 30 days of keto diet and reduce 3 kg so is this OK????

  2. Good advice on your cheat meals; I have been on Keto for going on 4 months and have lost around 65 pounds. I had my last cheat meal on October 1st. And I definitely noticed the temporary weight gain on the scale the next morning. But I did not fall into the temptation of not being able to stop the next day. when you have that temporary gain from the cheat meal, is it all water? It does not affect your actual fat loss right?

    Also, good point on the mini-goals. It seemed very daunting at first. But I track my progress every week and looking back it is amazing how much I have lost. Did you find yourself not losing as much weight after awhile? Like as you get thinner, you have less weight to lose so your body doesn't drop weight like it did at beginning of diet.

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