Low Carb Food On The Go? I Recommend Carl’s Jr. or Hardy, depending on where you are.

If you are eating low carb diet, like ketogenic, for example, in this video you will learn what to order from fast food and what not to order.

Why do i cose Carl’s Jr for my ketogenic meals on the go. Bug carl letus wrap without the bun is the best choice for low carb meal.

Carl’s Jr is fast, unlike some other places i mentioned in this video.

In this video i order big carl, letus wrapped instead of bread bun.

My advice, don’t order your diet coke from drive thru restaurants. There is a chance of human error and you will unknowingly drink 50 grams of carbs with your lettuce wrapped burger.

It will stall your weight loss for a week. Better stop on the random gas station and buy a bottle of your low carb soda.

This video is for keto and low carb diet followers that are away from the kitchen.

KetoAndMe.Com is 100% ketogenic cooking website.

Check it out!


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