Let me know in the comments if you have any favorite keto items from Costco!
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20 Replies to “Keto Grocery Haul – Costco”

  1. Hello! I just recently came across your blog and just found your YouTube videos today, so will be binge watching, Yay!! Just wanted to ask…what foods do you use to dip into your guacamole bowls since chips are a no go?!

  2. Girl, you are so inspiring! Thanks for sharing all of this. I've been watching all of your videos like all day today. It's my first run with keto and I can't wait to see how it all goes! :)

  3. Hi Thank You For Sharing! i just started the keto journey as for food it started to get repetitive for me so it left me feeling the need to add more and different things to eat.I stared 4 days ago and i have loss a total of 4 Pounds.I am happy to have videos like yours that help others to know what to eat and where you can find the product, costco here i come.

  4. Can you post a link for the childhood cancer nitrate connection. I've been looking into curing my own meats and most of what I've found (including USDA) levels are much higher than I always though.

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