Oh my golly just one more day of this mini series left! Hope yall are enjoying these videos, let me know down below any ideas you have for me!

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27 Replies to “Keto: Keeping it Simple | Day 9 | THIS BLEW MY MIND”

  1. US portion sizes are pretty crazy. I'm so used to getting large drinks, so it could last me longer throughout the day, that when I'm in other countries people take pictures cos they never order those sizes.

  2. New sub 🙂 awesome vids! I am getting back on keto too such a struggle since carbs are my addiction. I really loved those keto Snacks soo good lol. I did a taste test vid on them and hope they come out on the market.

  3. I discovered whattaburger when I worked in Arizona, I miss them!! Your accent is too cute and Bo is ADORABLE. Much success in your studying for the PCAT. Blessings!

  4. I have never thought about how much sugar was in those cups. Also yes it is about three cokes in that one cup because one of my parents will drink the whole coke and then add more cokes to it. Sometimes even when there is still some in it so there ends up being like three of those cups in like a few hours.

  5. Hey!! Just found you as I am trying to find my way back to my keto/ low carb way of life.. Just want to say I enjoy your
    Videos.. I really like the way you do your makeup, and Bo is adorable!! Good luck with school!

  6. Oh my it is mind boggling how many carbs I drank in my life before Keto and in my case I was making horrible inflammation with it and swelling in my feet I'm lucky to still have feet…I was lucky I never developed diabetes…So now. at whattaboogie I get an unsweet tay as big as my head LOL with lemon lol and add me some liquid stevia to it…and I get a big whataboogie hamboogie with pickles and mustard and onions cheese and I give  the bread to my hubby ( who can eat carbs ) and I take my onion rangs and I take 99 %    of the breading off it and eat only the crispiest bit with the onion I'm an old Gran and trying to lose super slow so as not to wrinkle too much but I've lost a good bit 70 lbs in 2yrs so that's not bad …good vid I hope you find good and life long friends there and  have a wonderful college experience u cute lil Keto sweetie. good deal on that wallet thing you did I hope you get blessed in turn for doing the right thing. Mandy Simmons

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