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10 Replies to “KETOGENIC DIET: Do you still have the keto flu?? Signs & Symptoms”

  1. Hy Stephanie,

    I currently get pretty much all my protein from salmon, eggs, and a littel crab, because the quality of other meats are not great where I live. Would you reccomend sticking with this or should I add the other meats (such as pork) to get other animal fats in even if they're not the best quality? The only other real animal fats I get are butter and broth (again usually not great quality but I get the best I can). Would just like to hear your expert thoughts 😛

    Also, I know this doesn't have to do with this video, but I have another quick question I watned to ask. I'm a fairly lean 19 year old 5'11'' male at 19 years old and 149lbs. Currently on keto I eat about 65 grams of protein a day. Is this enough if I want to build some lean mass? I know it should be close to enough but I currently only eat two meals a day and am worried about getting too much in one meal. I've though about adding a third meal but don't really know if it's necessary or if eating this low on protein will be detrimental in any way long term.

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated! Keep up the good info!


  2. 40 lb lighter 3 months on Keto and stephanie you have been a great resource, Thank You. I also combined fasting, enemas, FIRsauna, kale chips, probiotic farming, distiller water..for cleansing only, and sunshine !!! I did a lot more but I was already very knowledgeable and went balls deep

  3. I have been doing ketogenic diet for a fuzz over 2 weeks now. Conditioned prior to dropping carbs to 15-20. Been using ur recommendations to avoid that flu crap all together. Yesterday every joint in my body hurt, had headache and was exhausted. BS was 127, ketones were 1.3. Couldn't tell if I was really sick or if it was my body trying to transition? Upped my water, rested through the day, and ate no dairy that day.( been cutting back on that anyway after seeing ur vids). Today I feel 90% better. So weird . I will log the experience and check ketones again next week.

  4. Hey stephanie been on keto for one month. I have toms of energy no appetite or hunger. My macros are 65/35/5, 60/35/5, 70/25/5, 75/20/5 on a day to fay basis
    Is this too much protein?

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