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To turn your body into a highly adapted fat burning machine with a Ketogenic diet, you will need to increase your consumption of healthy fats in order to lower your sugar intake.

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I am not a doctor nor do I play on on the internet! This video is for information purposes and is not professional medical advice. Ketogenic diets may not be safe for everyone, especially type 1 diabetics so consult with your doctor before attempting any new diet and lifestyle changes.


13 Replies to “Ketogenic Diet Explained: Your most Frequently Asked Questions Part 3 of 3”

  1. I LOVE your videos! Question: You said no sugar but all of the sausage, pepperoni, salami I see in the stores around me have Dextrose in the ingredient lists but the nutrition label says 0g of sugar. Is there such thing as non cured meat out there without Dextrose? Or is it ok to eat?

  2. Hi, i am new to the keto and intermitted fasting, have being doing now for a month, feel great and loosing weight, but i do take a lot of health supplements, i take fulvic acid, omega 3, iodine and multivitamins, and my questing is can i take these when i am not in my feeding window, my eating window is from 2 pm til 10 pm, would love to have your opinion on this, tanks a mil, Ryan

  3. My mother made black bean burger, I had a couple, but without the buns, and a salad, with avocados, was it OK for me to have black bean burgers? I just had them plain. I started the Keto diet a few days ago.

  4. I've been doing the Ketogenic diet for 2.5 weeks as well as intermittent fasting. I've lost over 10lbs. But I often have chest pains and rapid heartbeat. Is that normal in the first few weeks?

  5. imo, ketosis during pregnancy would not only be safe, but likely is much healthier than a typical Americans diet. You can maintain/gain/control weight while in ketosis. eating real foods as opposed to corn/carbs/chems seems like a good idea for baby.

  6. Great questions. I was just discussing breast milk with my mom, who says that it's sweet. I know its 44% saturated fat, so I wasn't sure how to explain the sweetness. Maybe you can? :)

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