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  1. I understand what you're saying about the groups as I'm Cyclical Keto, but can't share unless I only share my Keto style without getting berated. Been following 6/1 Cyclical Keto since June and had great success reducing my A1C, blood pressure as well as shedding 37.5 lbs. Wish there was a group for normal non athletes on Cyclical Keto. I have a simple re feed on Saturday adding in some fruit, potatoes or brown rice, etc. to increase carbs, keeping fat low of course and protein mod. No issues getting back into Ketosis quickly. But, it would be nice to share this WOE without Keto Police judging and calling me non-Keto. I follow Cyclical at the advise of a nutritionist and my endocrinologist to protect my thyroid and metabolism. I think people should embrace what works for them on a Low Carb lifestyle and we as human beings should accept and support their journey. As long as people are making healthy choices who am I to judge?

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