Self-Stirring Mug:

Organic Coconut Oil:

BulletProof Coffee in Self Stirring Mug

Watch how to make the easiest Ketogenic dish in the microwave: https://youtu.be/jewD9E_czcM

Keto Chips and guacamole: https://youtu.be/CEwgk4SUQ6s

This channel is dedicated to 100% low carb ketogenic cooking video tutorial.
Our recipes are really low carb, not relatively low carb like on some other YouTube channels.

As you know, keto diet followers take their macros seriously. what’s daily macros? it’s total of your daily consumed fats, proteins and carbohydrates. this video shows you how to buy 6 day worth of protein for 5 dollars. depending on your muscle mass, keto diet allows you to consume about 3 ounces of protein a day.

Keto diet also limits your carbohydrates. Depending on person, from 29 to 50 Grams per day.

for new dieters, 20 carbs a day is the maximum for about a month.

If you feel hungry, drink coffee with butter. watch my video about bulletproof coffee.

feel yourself with fats up to 2000 calories daily until you get use to and switch your body in fat burning mode.

Bulletproof coffee can relief your hunger, but remember to eat 3 ounces of protein and salads. watch my video on how to add daily protein for less then a dollar a day:

Another Finger Food recipe: https://youtu.be/DvyUh4XqV0s

Keto Chips and guacamole: https://youtu.be/CEwgk4SUQ6s

I also made a. ketogenic chicken salad to die for from a single frozen chicken thigh. Check out the video:

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Watch a doctor speaking about science of nutritional ketosis:

Watch Doctor from Sweden talks how low carb high fat diet changes his country:


Watch “The amazing benefits of the low carb high fat diet on your health – Dr Robin Willcourt -” on YouTube


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